Praise & Success Stories

I first came to Kayla to seek guidance within my life. I was feeling depressed, consistently tired, and lacked motivation to change my lifestyle in order to experience more happiness. I also had a very poor relationship with food—whether I was eating too much or too little. My life was completely unbalanced and I was ready to make a change. Kayla gave me the tools to change my life around. She taught me how to love myself and how to take care of not only my body, but my mind too. Since working with Kayla I have experienced a dramatic change in energy and I feel stronger, both physically and mentally, than I ever have before. I could have never done this with out the help of Kayla and her amazing program.”
-N. T.

I would like to start off by saying thank you to Kayla, once again! I had been trying to change my lifestyle into a healthier one, both mentally and physically. I knew Kayla focuses a lot on how important the body, mind, and soul are as a part of your whole being, so it was good to reach out to someone who not only focuses on the external, but also the internal. I needed a little bit more inspiration and guidance to revive my passion and overall well-being. Once we started working together, I noticed some changes. I stopped living in doubt and confusion about how I would accomplish my goals and was finally able to set up a plan and find structure in order to start pursuing what I wanted in my life. My overall health has also improved with all of the knowledge she has given me about nutrition. I could not be any happier with her services and I am ready to continue to apply everything I’ve learned throughout my journey!”
-N. G.

I sought out Kayla’s services to help me get back on track with being more active and to find a way to stay committed to taking better care of myself. At the time I began working with Kayla, I felt a bit discouraged about getting back into running. I would always allow myself to give up when I didn’t follow through on running and I would hold myself to a very high standard that I never seemed to be able to maintain. In essence, I was self-sabotaging. After I started working with Kayla, I was able to give myself permission to lower my standards and forgive myself if I didn’t follow through on one day. We worked on setting goals and coped for which things might get in the way. I finally began to stop sabotaging my health/fitness! I am very happy with my progress. My original goal was to run a 10K and I am halfway there, being able to run a 5K! Kayla was an integral part to helping me making strides towards my ultimate goal! If it wasn’t for her, I don’t think I would be on my way to running that 10K!”
-J. A.